Popular Wedding Food from Every Culture that You’ll Love

People love to come to weddings to see those who are important to them to finally tie the knot, but that is not the only thing that people love going to weddings for. There is fun socialization, and of course—food!

Popular Wedding Food from Every Culture that You’ll Love

If you want your guests to be thrilled by your menu as much as they would be by a pickup in a Bus Charter DC ride, tune into some of the top wedding menus around the world.

Grab a Bus Rental DC loves to grab to the airport for a Hindu style wedding in India. There you may find one of the most popular weddings dishes like saag paneer. This delicious dish features slow roasted spinach with spices and Indian-style cheese on a steaming heap of rice. Another favorite is kofta curry, a warming creamy broth with vegetables and a meat of your choice, usually lamb.

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If you want to get a taste of a traditional German menu, grab a Cheap Party Bus DC and a spoon! You probably thought a wiener schnitzel was a type of hot dog.

If you want appetizers galore, hop on a DC Party Bus and grab a bunch of fresh seafood and vegetables for traditional Vietnamese food. Some of the most popular and mouth water appetizers are summer rolls, also known as garden rolls, with fresh julienne cut raw vegetables, shrimp and fresh herbs and delicately wrapped in a clear white rice paper, usually served with a savory peanut hoisin sauce.

Other great foods from around the world you can add to your world menu are: Italian risotto, Scottish smoked salmon, Japanese sushi, Ethiopian doro wot, Russian stuffed cabbage, or Halupki.

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