Marriage Therapy Before the Wedding and Why It Works Wonders

Over the years, counseling has gotten a bad reputation. People say that others are sent to counseling because they are “crazy, troubled, too angry. Or some other “unfit” emotion.

Many people associate therapy and counseling with getting pulled into the principal’s office at school or needing to “have a talk,”. Because we are in fact, in trouble. Yet, none of this needs to be true to seek counseling.

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Counseling is simply an opportunity to speak honestly and openly in a safe atmosphere with a supportive expert that can help regulate the conversation if needed. Not only that, a counselor can help bring up useful ideas to incorporate into your thinking, way of life, or relationship that will truly benefit you. Counselors also have a special talent to see between the lines, and to acknowledge and share other perceptions. Other ways to interrupting actions of yourself and others.

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Maybe your partner driver you crazy because they always leave the towel on the bathroom floor. Maybe you have asked them to help you look up “Cheap Limo Service Near Me” a million times, but they still haven’t gotten around to it. You might think that they are just lazy. But perhaps there is another answer and a counselor can help you understand this. And make suggestions to fix this and other issues.

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Planning a wedding can be stressful all on its own, from speaking to 8 different caterers in one day, reserving a DC party Bus for reliable transit, calling friends to make sure they are on the same page, and so on. A little time to express yourself will do some good.

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