4 Affordable Wedding Ideas

Your romance is built upon love not wealth, but weddings can be expensive.

Do not lose sleep over your budget, with these ideas you can have the perfect affordable wedding.

Charter Bus Rental

Finding a cheap limo service is a good place to start, the less you spend on transportation the more you will have to afford catering and décor. So, before you book the DJ, look up a, “limo service near me”.


Pinning your own tracks and skipping the DJ will make huge gains to your allowance. By renting the music equipment and having a family member who loves to play and entertain with music will bring everyone to the dance floor for a fraction of the cost.

Charter Bus Rental DC

If you are planning to go out of state or travel to your wedding venue contact friends and family who are also going and see if you can all agree to find charter buses for rent. Your group will spend less on a bus than driving separately or renting their own transportation. A charter bus rental is not flying first class but the only reason for this is that it has wheels. With all of the same amenities available as first class flying this luxury vehicle is a staple for living the high life on a dime.


Decorate the wedding yourselves and save hundreds maybe thousands of dollars. Get involved with local churches to see if they can supply seating or tables, take the local baseball team out for pizza in exchange for helping hands and free invites to the wedding.

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