Turning Your Home into Your Wedding Venue with Easy Ideas

Having a wedding at home is a fantastic endeavor for making your ceremony more close to the heart.

With room to park several DC party bus rentals and home cooked catering, the home wedding venue is fantastic for those who want to be more involved with wedding planning and configurations.

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Hiring a crew to set up your property for a wedding is a great way to have the heavy lifting taken care of. However, be aware that there are invasive set up crews, and big project setups that can make a mess of your yard. Try to find minimally invasive crews so that your lawn and staging area do not become covered in tire tracks and debris. While you discover the best wedding staging crew be sure to search for “charter bus companies near me” to find the best rates for guest transport.

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For your home wedding endeavor find what items you can do without, and which items make the location a bit more special. Whether roping off a section of your property for the party bus DC loves to park, or building a gazebo for the vows to take place, you will surely be doing some work to prepare for this wedding event.

Encourage guests to book a “charter bus near me” early and leave the wedding late. If the weather is permitting invite guests to stay out back camping style.

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The best part about a home wedding venue is that you have the final say. Without any venue rules your time is more available, and the results you found while searching for a “charter bus rental near me” can park as long as they like.

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