Most Amazing Ways to Ask them to Prom

Asking someone to prom can be as simple as going up to them and popping the question, or handing it to them in a note.

But, if you want to give them a promposal that they can’t refuse—then read these great ideas, they’ll be sure to impress your future date!

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Tell them you just rented a DC Party Bus Rental and there’s a seat with their name on it!

Figure out what they like! Look at the outside of their bookbag for clues, are there patches or buttons that can tell you more about what they are into?


Are they involved with any extra curriculum activities at school? Maybe you can use this to your advantage by contacting the student who controls the scoreboard at games and pop the question there, or by doing something fun like laying out poster-board, soccer balls, or whatever comes to mind—spelling “Prom?”

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Are you friends with the cheer squad? Ask who you want to go to prom with you to meet you at the stadium, or gymnasium and have previously asked the cheer squad to do a quick “Will you go to prom with me Taylor,” cheer.


Make it social. Rent a Charter Bus Rental DC recommends and invite your friends and their friends too!


Make it an ice cream social! Invite mutual friends for a fun time and ask the staff preparing the ice cream bowl to write “Prom” on it. Or ask by other means; but get creative with it!


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