How to Stay Warm During a Winter Wedding

There are plenty of reasons to get married in the winter. Venues are less expensive, work may not be as busy, and flight tickets are cheaper.

However, you have to deal with the cold and some of us, just aren’t cut out for it. Grab a Northern Virginia Limo and get warm!

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Tricks and Tips to Feel Warmer for Your Wedding with Party Bus Rental DC

Here are some quick tips and tricks to staying warm during the winter season.

Limos In Northern VAPaint it red!

While you don’t actually have to paint anything red (unless you really want to), even red décor, ribbons, table clothes, and the like will visually bring warmth into the room and actually trick your body into thinking it’s a tad warmer than it really is.

You can do the same with your clothes, and not only will it make you feel warmer, red is a stimulating color that gets the brain moving faster!

Northern Virginia LimoWear a hat.

This may sound preposterous, who wears a hat to a wedding right? But it has been done and actually looks really cute, google it.

This may seem counterproductive, but consider turning on a ceiling fan. Hot air rises, so push it back down!

Provide your guests will hot tea, coffee, or cider. It will warm the body right up, plus it adds a cozy winter feel.

Use our Limousine Service Northern VA can rely on to stay warm!

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Add a humidifier, this is particularly nice if the air is already dry inside. Humidity simply makes it feel warmer than it actually is.

Using candles is another beautiful way to create stunning room ambiance as well as heat your environment.

Grab a Party Bus Northern VA will love for the after party and set the temperature to ‘cozy’. Get Instant price quotes today!

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