How to Stay Awake When It Means the Most

When you’re in for the long haul and need to push through like a reputable DC Charter Bus, even though you’re really tired—it can be more than challenging.


While it’s always a better idea to go to sleep—if that’s not an option and you just can’t there are some quick and easy things you can do to help keep up your mental stamina when it’s crunch time.

If you are going to be driving, consider grabbing a Charter Bus Rental DC can rely on to seize the time to play catch up with sleep. However if you drive for work, such as a vehicle escort, it’s a good idea to be a little uncomfortable; being too comfy can lead you to falling asleep behind the wheel. Open the windows and turn up the radio!

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Engage the brain. Whether you work night shift as a security guard or work at a law firm, utilizing engaging activities can keep you awake longer. This might mean working on a project that is most interesting to you if you have the option, or if you’re standing around play brain games: what is the capital of every state? How many presidents can you list?

Grab some tea with ginseng. Panax or Asian Ginseng has long been known for its mind stimulating qualities, but won’t leave you with a crash like coffee. Who knows maybe you’ll even feel good enough to party in a DC Party Bus Rental!

Skip candy and eat fruit. Fruit is packed with sugar, but it’s also choked full of antioxidants that stimulate oxygen via blood flow to the brain. Get price quotes today –  (888) 308-3767

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