How to Make your 2017 Prom a Success!

Whether you have a date or not, prom can be a fun time! Try not to overthink it and read these great tips!

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Remember that you don’t have to fit into any category! So you don’t have enough cash for an expensive prom dress—don’t worry, you don’t need it! All you need is a creative eye, surely you’ve got that! Can you bedazzle it? Okay, maybe not bedazzle, but if you have craft glue and glitter—you can make anything sparkle! Check out ideas on Pinterest.

Take a limo or a DC Charter Bus! Make prom official with the perfect classy ride. A stretch limousine or a Charter Bus Rental DC can rely on can make prom a fun event!

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Let go of expectations. Of course you want prom night to be amazing, but by putting a world of pressure on your shoulders you can nearly ruin the experience. Just go and enjoy each moment as it happens instead of worrying about who might ask you to dance, or wondering if you should take off your shoes to dance—just go with it.

Grab a DC Party Bus Rental for the after party. Reluctant parents will be more apt to let you party for a bit if they know where you’re going to be—a party bus is the perfect environment to dance and have fun in, but also be safe.

Be confident and smile.

Don’t wait for him to ask you. If you want to dance with someone don’t be scared to sing a line like Walk the Moon and tell him to “Shut up and dance with me.”

Keep your makeup simple. If you don’t want to be in the bathroom all night trying to fix it than keep it sweet and simple, because if you plan to dance—you’re going to sweat it off anyway.



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