Create a Romantic Environment with these 3 Powerful Scents

How to do you experience love? Is it through actions?

Words, sounds, and feelings? What about scent? It may sound like a strange idea at first, but think about to the last time you smelt a fresh bouquet of roses, or your mother’s cooking?

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Often people when feel a sense of relaxation, and peace; contentment, or even joy. Like all of our other human senses, smell also has a profound effect on the way that we feel, like a wonderfully DC Party Bus Company. Many cultures have used particular herbs, flowers, and fragrances over hundreds of years to invoke love and romanticism.

If you would like to have one of the most romantic weddings that you have ever seen, then it may be worthwhile to indulge into heart-felt scents and warming fragrances.

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Rose is a very popular choice when it comes to love. It’s smell not only brings a sense of peace, but has become quite symbolic as well. The floral scent of rose is best captured through fresh flowers, essential oils, and candles.


Yes, it’s the same clove you may found stuck into a ham during the American holiday Thanksgivings, but it has also been used for many years various purposes, like Party Bus Washington DC. Clove is best experienced through incense, raw form, and essential oil. Clove promotes warmth and light-hearted feelings that follow.

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You may have found a romantic Party Bus Rental Cost that helps save your budget, but you can add to the love with sage.

Sage is purifying, it can help lift any negative feelings in the venue. Sage sticks can be found at local holistic stores. Call us today –  (866) 818-2293

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