5 Great Ideas to DIY Instead of Buy

Even if you have the slighted capacity to be creative, you can DIY!

There are huge opportunities to save a lot of money here. Some couples worry that their décor will look like it’s cheap, or that they are not creative enough, but there are tons of practical guides on the internet that can help you step by step. Why not give a few a try?

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Call a Cheap Party Bus Company to take you to the craft store for items to aid in the creation of easy succulent corsages.

A growing alternative to average flowers, and there’s a good reason why. When the average rose corsage would begin to wilt, and fade out—succulents are still going strong.

A fun DIY projects that couples love for chic, rustic, and vintage designs are rope words. It is exactly what it sounds like! All you need is a roll of twine or rope, some glue and thin wire and you can create words as large as you want to hang them from anywhere you please.

Consider creating your own floral décor. From table centerpieces to aisle décor, it’s probably easier than you think. Basic outlines can be found online, all you need is to grab Charter Buses For Rent and stop by a store that provides items to DIY floral arrangements and find some beautiful flowers that are in season!

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This next one is almost as good as our Party Bus Rental Cost. Both a wonderful aisle runner, and a bonding experience. Couples have created their own aisle runners by hand including copied photos and love letters!

If you plan to have a romantic atmosphere with a candle on each table—before you go out and buy a bunch of candle holders, consider checking out local thrift stores, or use mason jars!

You can jazz anything up with a nice can of spray paint! Call us today at (866) 818-2293

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